league of legends bot – Twisted fate card picker bot

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When playing Twisted fate its crucial you pick the right card when using his pick a card skill.
Sometimes in team fights you may make a mistake and instead of selecting that life saving gold card you fail and pick the blue, It happens lol.

tf blue card
Imagine if your able to play twisted fate and never have to worry about picking the wrong card again. With the twisted fate card bot your able to select the card you want using your pre-selected hotkey.
When the skills active hit your assigned hotkey and the card will lock in at the first opportunity insuring you pick the correct card when needed. Never again will you have to hear your team moaning about your blue cards of doom.

To download and never again miss that gold card click below


League of Legends bot – map hack

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League of Legends is a fast paced intense game at times, not only that but sometimes these fights can get pretty gruesome. Maybe you are one of the veterans that just had too many fights to count and now would like something to make things easier for you; after all you have the skills.

In either cases, the League of Legends Reveal Tool is going to help you gain that bit of advantage in the fight and a sure way of course to turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

So what is this Reveal Tool, anyway? It is a simple tool that you download (download link is at the bottom of the article) that helps you gain vision of enemies and stealth objects that you have seen before on your map. So that pesky Teemo is hiding a shroom? A ward is placed somewhere in the map? You will gain a vision over that and a highlight on your mini map so you can avoid them. It works even on enemy heroes.

Here is a picture to illustrate:

lol map hack

The only requirement for that to work however is that you have seen the enemy placing that ward or have explored the area before (essentially eliminating the Fog of War from the map).


If you would like to give the tool a spin and check it out, click here.

download_buttonList of features include:

-        Revealing all hidden objects or items on the map that you saw before.

-        Revealing player positions in any location on the map as long as you have explored it before.


League of Legends bot- Jungle timer

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Every League of Legends player at one point in time does a bit of Jungling even if you don’t like the concept. However, if you are going full into it you would need to keep track of the respawn timers and which camp has respawned or not. It isn’t quite easy to remember the timers, is it?

Easy or not, league of legend bots – Jungle Timer is there to save the effort. This little program attaches itself to your League of Legends installation where it would help you in game to keep track of all the camps you killed and notify you in chat (as well as through icons) when the jungle has respawned so you

can farm it

All what you need to do is download the Jungle Timer (download link available at the bottom of the post) and then make sure that your Video Settings in League of Legends is set to either “Windowed Mode” or “Bordless Window” and after launching League of Legends, just launch the timer and you are good to go.

Now what you need to do is whenever you wipe out a jungle camp, just press the numpad (and make sure of course that your Num Lock key is turned on) number associated with the jungle you wiped and the timer will start automatically. Easy!

Give it a try and let us know – below.
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Champion Picker bot

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As much as any other game, League of Legends has its own learning curve; especially if you haven’t played any other games that resemble it. While yes, there is the option that you can play against an NPC to learn and hone your skills, it will never match a real fight with humans. Usually however, when you start a random game, people would call for blind/random picks; now things get harder, especially if you like or accustomed to a certain character.
No problems there, because with the Champion Picker bot you can easily get the hero you want without having to worry about it at all.
It is really simple and easy once you download the program (the download link is at the bottom of the post) all what you need to do is launch League of Legends in Windowed mode.


With this little program, you can specify which character you want to play, what kind of message would you like the bot to display in chat when it picks that character (let’s say you want to say “mid first”, it would do that for you). It will even let you choose whether to send your message first or pick your character first, depending on your preference.


Here is a little video tutorial and to show the power of this little nifty program


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League of Legends Tribunal Bot

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After so much runs trying to farm that much IP  for a champion you want, it starts to get a bit boring. You have honed your skills, you enjoyed the game, but probably the grind became a bit too much for you.
Tribunal Bot is there for just that; a simple program that you can download and run in the background of your PC after you login through it to your League of Legends account. The bot will automatically farm runs for you netting you a nice amount of IP.
One of the best features of this bot however is that it can actually vote in your daily Tribunal, in other words, this tool will punish and pardon the other players for you.

Here is a list of the commonly used features:
– Windows startup functionality (if you activate that, the bot will start the moment you login to Windows).
– Voting on daily Tribunal (including all cases).
– Supports all of League of Legends servers.
– Undetectable.
– Works in the background so it won’t disturb either your gameplay or work.
– It checks automatically for the Tribunal access every hour so you won’t have to do that.


The only requirements for you to use the bot would be that you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (can be downloaded through Microsoft’s website) and a Level 20+ League of Legends account (since it is based on Tribunal which is a level 20 event).

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League of Legends bot – Recommended item changer

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As a player of League of Legends, you might have encountered this question; what if I don’t like the recommended items for my build? Am I stuck with it now? The answer is simply, no! You are able to change the items for your character easily using Enigma’s Item Changer; a simple little program available that allows you to choose your own items.


The program is really simple and intuitive, once you launch the program you select the hero you want to build for (as in the example picture below):


After that you simply start choosing the item from the list as shown in the picture below:


Once you find the items you are after, you simply drag and drop the item into your build on the left side.


Summary of features:

  • Support for the latest Season Shop Update
  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface
  • Create and save multiple item sets for each game mode (Classic, Dominion, and All-mid)
  • Powerful item filtering and searching
  • Complete item stats and tooltips
  • Automatically searches for the League of Legends folder, no need to input it on the first use
  • Supports custom links to provide one-click importing from a webpage
  • Automatic updates


As of update 3.9 in League of Legends, the Recommended Item Changer has been incorporated officially into the game and you can find it in your Summoner tab. However since it is still in an experimental stage and the developer is actively updating the original version (which started as a stand-alone off the game) you might want to check this out.


To download click the button below


League of Legends Account value calculator

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So you have been playing League of Legends for a long time now? Considering yourself one of the veterans and have made quite a reputation to your account and would like to know how much would your account go for? Or maybe you are done playing League of Legend and would like to check out what is your account’s worth?

Well, whatever your reason maybe, the newly beta released League of Legends Account Price Calculator should give you a rough estimate on what your account would be worth if you want to sell it.

Once you download the program from the link at the end of the article, launch the application and you will be greeted with a screen similar to the below.

Now all what you need to do is simply enter the number of champions your account have, the number of skins, legendary skins, IP and RP and the program will do the rest.

As you can see however, the program is still in beta phase so it isn’t quite complete yet and the developer hasn’t yet fully released the formula behind the calculation to produce the account’s worth. However, it is a good start for you to know when pricing your account in case you want a quick idea before you put it on the market.

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League of Legends bot – IP&EXP Bot for FREE

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Want to get lvl 30 in League of Legends fast? You need to buy a new champion but you don’t have IP to purchase it? You get owned by other players because they have runes and you can’t afford them ? Then this bot is for you !

IP Farmer key features:

  • 100% FREE!
  • Built in scripts for every champion(Raz33r is working on a tool so you can make your own scripts).
  • Every week updates
  • Auto create custom game with bots
  • Playing with bots make it 100% ban free
  • Acting like human< -wins 90% of custom games (we are still working on it to make it 100%) -about 200XP/Hour and 100 IP/hour


Some botted Soraka games:


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