League of Legends bot- Jungle timer
July 23, 2013  |  League Of Legends Bots

Every League of Legends player at one point in time does a bit of Jungling even if you don’t like the concept. However, if you are going full into it you would need to keep track of the respawn timers and which camp has respawned or not. It isn’t quite easy to remember the timers, is it?

Easy or not, league of legend bots – Jungle Timer is there to save the effort. This little program attaches itself to your League of Legends installation where it would help you in game to keep track of all the camps you killed and notify you in chat (as well as through icons) when the jungle has respawned so you

can farm it

All what you need to do is download the Jungle Timer (download link available at the bottom of the post) and then make sure that your Video Settings in League of Legends is set to either “Windowed Mode” or “Bordless Window” and after launching League of Legends, just launch the timer and you are good to go.

Now what you need to do is whenever you wipe out a jungle camp, just press the numpad (and make sure of course that your Num Lock key is turned on) number associated with the jungle you wiped and the timer will start automatically. Easy!

Give it a try and let us know – below.
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